Long Distance Networking

Many of you probably think about wireless and automatically think cell phones, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. When you are at home or church, Wi-Fi is usually, at most, campus wide. Bluetooth is just within about 30 feet of you. And cell service is so commonplace we don’t even think about where it comes from or how it does what it does.







So, what is Long Distance Networking?

I want to try to explain what I mean by long distance wireless or long-distance networking. Most people including my business customers have no idea what is possible using inexpensive commercial grade networking hardware. I’ve seen churches and business pay two or three different ATT or Spectrum bills for individual buildings on a single campus. This is craziness.


Let me explain.

Say you have building A and building B. Building A has the internet connection and all the servers in it. Building B is just a shipping warehouse. Before coming to me customers will be convinced by their providers that the only way to get internet or a network connection to these buildings is to buy two internet packages or use remote desktop connections over the internet. Sure, these options do work but they are expensive, recurring expenses, and sometimes require other paid services to handle the remote desktop connections. This setup could also be used if you live in the sticks, but your family member nearby has great internet. You could get a good internet connection to your house, providing you followed terms of services restrictions for the provider. 


Bridging the Gap

With Long Distance Networking I can connect two buildings like this together with no loss of internet speed and retaining great network speed. The internet connection in building A is shot over to building B in a way that is very fast and can go a long way. 500ft, 1 mile, 5 miles, even 15 miles.





Expand Your Coverage

This technology and equipment can be used for extending Wi-Fi coverage, setting up a remote, solar powered security camera, or virtually anything network connected. Almost anyone could probably find a use for a long distance connection; Individuals, Businesses, Churchs, Farms, Football Fields, Fairgrounds, and the list goes on.



Solution Provider

This hardware is by far one other coolest things I get to use and setup for my clients. The possibilities are endless. If you think you may have a need for Long Distance Networking or any of my services, please give me a call. I’ll be happy to find a solution for you.

Technology is Everywhere
Many people walk into a house of worship, and never think about the technology around them that is making it tick. With churches and the like getting bigger and more populated every year, they require technology to efficiently and effectively delivery content to their congregation.
One of those bits of technology is Wi-Fi. Campus-wide Wi-Fi plays a monumental part in making sure people stay connected in a church. The Pastor uploads his sermon to Dropbox to view on his tablet during his sermon, the music minister creates presentations on an in house server that are later downloaded and imported by the A/V team for use during worship, and the nursey workers are diligently keeping track of kids who are signed in and out of child care. Regardless of the job you may have in the church, there is a good chance you interact with Wi-Fi in some way. 

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