Data Recovery

We can do simple data transfers in house or if the drive is in bad shape or not working at all, I can send it off get a free quote and find out exactly what the recovery will cost.

Hardware Sales

We offer top quality hardware to our customers. Some of the other guys may be cheaper, but we use top of the line gear no matter if its servers or cameras. As the old saying goes “You get what you pay for”.

Web Development

Web design for your small or large business presence. Several options to choose from.

Web Hosting

Super fast servers.  Designed specially for our hosting environment and built with the most reliable components including CMS's like Joomla and Wordpress.


Networks are the veins of you business. Just like in your body, if the data isn’t flowing through your network at optimal performance, it will cause issues.


In this digital age a lock on the door will only keep out one type of bad guy. You need to be protected from the inside out with top tier firewalls, secure VPN connections, and cutting edge anti-virus software. Without these safeguards in place, your just leaving the front door open.

Surveillance Solutions

I like to think about security cameras like an insurance policy, you may not need it, but you can’t afford not to have it. In the event that you do need it, that video is worth everything. Contact us for more information on quality sales & service.

Online Backup

Bad hard drives, corrupt file systems, Natural disaster, ransomware, and the list of on and on. All these things can wreak havoc on a business’s data. It vital that you back up your data. Without a solid backup strategy your setting yourself up for failure at some point down the road.

About Computers Plus

Your company deserves a dependable business partner they can trust to accomplish these goals in an effective yet affordable manner. A business partner with the expertise and experience your network demands. That business partner is Computers Plus.

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